Fog enshrouds the night Woven in the heavy mist A thread of fireflies

Spring in the hedgerows Magpies busy canceling Fresh twitter accounts

How short is freedom gained by the cherry blossom released from the branch

wearily she waves the white flag of surrender cobwebbed butterfly

Wisteria bloom Along a sidewalk café Coffee in the air

Boughs froth with new blooms when the monsoon rain sweeps through trees toss their bouquets

Bear cubs watching men Walking through a sylvan glen The forest shudders

Hundreds of faces Turning to sun and to seed Imperceptibly

watermelon patch I let the weathered scarecrow try on my straw hat

Issa, tonight you hold the honored place at my table, hungry fly

Looming laden clouds Blanket Bombays bustling streets And storms paint the sky

Curious concert crickets croon to a cornfield of indifferent ears

As winter draws near Fabulous floral worlds bloom The solace of books

one lone(ly) mallard ignored by his own echo quacks again, hoping