Sad But True Quotes About Society & People (Top 50)

We all love many things about our society and culture, and also there are few things which we don’t like about our society and people belong to it. So here is the collection of sad but true quotes about society.

These are very relatable quotes and sayings written on some sad realities of our society and people.

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Must Read Sad But True Quotes About Society

Day By Day this society is forcing me to give up

The sad reality of our society is money matters more than character.

sad but true quote about society

Equality, justice, this thinks seems like the well-assumed fantasies in current society.

Literature and movies are the reflections of societies

If death really means a time when a person stops living then I am living in the society of ghosts.

The system can improve the lifestyle of society but can’t protect them from everything.

Modern society is like a jungle, if you won’t survive then you have to hunt down someone 

Everyone is not bad in society but the problem is not many are good

Expectations of society kill the dreams

Sad But True Quotes About Society

Even you are a part of society so, stop criticizing and start trying to make it better

People told me I am not good and was fool enough to trust them

Trust is like a gift. You don’t get it every day, from everyone

If you think color, money, looks do not matter in love then I am not sure about your mental status

Do hundreds of right things no one will come to appreciate you, try making a mistake

If you think everything is good in our society then you must be living dreams

Sad Reality Quote About Our Society

In modern societies, People are trying to be rich not to be better

People say keep learning new things every day and this is the stupidest thing I have ever hear.

Listen carefully when someone speaks about you in anger

Societies want to see you in the way they prefer to see

Sad But True saying About Society

Everyone likes to drive a black car, everyone likes to wear black, everyone likes black shades but not black skin

For most other childhood is the best period but for me, it was not the case and the problem was my color

Sad But True Quotes on Liers

Everyone do lie, but the thing is some person do it more than others

I have no issues with those who do not agree with me but not with those who are diplomatic

There are the people who spend their entire life in convincing others

Do we really know ourselves? We can speak for 30 minutes about someone else, but not about ourselves 

Your haters your lovers all are gonna walk away so don’t give them so much importance

No one will tell you what they think of you unless you show them the mirror

We all talk about hard work, but somewhere in our hearts, we all know luck matters.

We all expect others to be on the same level as we are. If someone is not there we’ll criticize him and if someone is above that level then we’ll feel jealous

Stop criticizing society even you are a part of it

Sad Truth Quotes About Modern Society

There are hundreds of ways, thousands of philosophies to live life, and still, we are not living

If you can’t appreciate someone’s hard work then don’t criticize him for his mistakes

A country not only needs a good leader but also needs good followers

Sad But True Quote About Society & People

The problem with smart people is they try to be over-smart

No one will ask you the reason behind your wet eyes, everyone would like to know why you laughed

Whether it’s communist or socialist or anything it’s not the system but the people who make the difference

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